Our procedure

Software development in tune with the times

How does a customised software development project work for us?


Let’s start with a deep dive into your vision and the product you want to bring to life. Nothing is more important than us developers understanding 100% of your idea and translating it into a tech plan. If code already exists, we review it and adapt to your tech stack.

Planning & Design

Based on our findings from the feedback loops with you, we will have created a comprehensive IT plan within a week at the latest. This includes the development of systems, networks and features that align with your business goals.


We have defined milestones based on the IT plan, which we develop in an agile manner and thus realise your vision step by step. We test our progress in a dev environment and put your software into production after extensive unit testing.

Hosting and quality assurance

After handing over your flawless code including documentation, we attach great importance to security: through comprehensive testing, we ensure that the highest IT security standards are met. If required, we can also take care of hosting your software. Our quality management team guarantees that all solutions not only run securely and robustly, but also efficiently.

Web applications or mobile apps

Whether you need a nimble web application or a powerful native app, we are your team. With expertise and passion, we build the software that is precisely tailored to your requirements.

JavaScript (Node.js, Typescript)
React, Angular, Vue.js
React Native
Ruby (Rails)
Python (Django, Flask)
Java (Spring Boot)
Dart (Flutter)

CI/CD: Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD