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We are the doers for start-ups and the thinkers for infrastructure and security. We are passionate about developing ground-breaking software solutions and revolutionary security concepts. Our mission? To write your success story. Ready to get started?

Our mission

We’re here to give startups the tech turbo of a lifetime! In the startup world, time is money and budget needs to be spent wisely. That’s why we’re ready to get your MVP up and running in record time. We are experts in web development, infrastructure and security – and if you want, we can pimp the whole thing with AI.

Because in the start-up world, everything revolves around being present asap and conquering the scene. Having your own team with the necessary skills is not an option for 95% of startups and destroys the optimal allocation for growth. And this is where we come in!

Our solution

Our solution is easy and efficient. We hop on board with you and catapult your MVP into the daylight and ready for the market in just a few months. As soon as everything is in place, we’re off the payroll, but certainly not out of the picture. We are your digital sidekicks and just a phone call away when you need new features or hosting. We understand your startup story because we are part of it. With our help in web development, infrastructure and security, including AI optimisation, you have the best players on the field. And even better: your budget is not sunk into an expensive development team, but is available for unrestricted market conquest.

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What stage are the start-ups you support in?

Regardless of whether you are still in the start-up phase or already on your way to Series A or B – we have experience with projects in all phases, from the first steps to multi-million euro funding tickets. We understand the start-up process and find a solution at every stage

How can you finance a software project?

Our start-ups are as diverse as the financing options – from EXIST start-up grants to angel investments, loans from investment banks and VC-backed loans. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to build the solution that fits your budget.

Can I have a completely new app developed by you?

Sure, that’s what we’re here for! Whether you only have a rough idea or already know exactly what you want – we’ll help you develop your app from scratch. Bring your ideas, we’ll bring the coffee!

We only need help with certain features - is that possible?

Absolutely! If your team lacks the expertise for specific features, we can step in. We can tackle exactly where you need us.

How much does it cost you to develop software?

Transparent and fair. The costs depend on the complexity and scope of the project. Let’s talk about it and we’ll make you a customised offer. Don’t worry, there are no nasty surprises with us.

How do you ensure that the software is secure?

Security is not a feature, it’s a promise! Our team of security experts ensures that your software not only works impressively, but is also bunker-proof.

Can I follow the development process?

Sure, we are a team! We keep you up to date with regular updates and involve you in the process. This keeps the project transparent and traceable.

How quickly can you start development?

Faster than your favourite barista makes your coffee! As soon as we’ve finalised all the details, we’ll get started. Tell us about your project and we’ll let you know how quickly we can get started.

What happens if I want to make changes after the project has been completed?

Not a problem! We also offer support and further development after completion. Your project continues to grow and develop – and we are there to support it.


How do you deal with deadlines?

Like the holy grail. We understand how important deadlines are for start-ups and do everything we can to meet them. We plan carefully and communicate openly to avoid surprises.